Men’s Head-To-Toe Grooming Brand ‘Bevel’

Hello lovelies, are you looking for anything new in the grooming department for your significant other? Well, I was just recently introduced to a new mens grooming brand by the name of Bevel that is all the rage! I wanted to share it with you guys because we really liked it.

I received a HUGE box with all sorts of dermatologist-test solutions to help all those grooming issues plus I must say ALL the products smell so good! I gave the box to my boo who I thought would love the products plus he has a beard, so he absolutely loved the beard oil, beard balm, beard softener and the body wash. He told me that none of the products were heavily scented either, the products he tried had a nice subtle smell to his liking.

It was a lot of products inside the box with great packaging and things he did try, he liked a lot. And I will admit it, he is very picky about things he uses on his face and body. Check out the Bevel products inside created by Founder Tristan Walker. You can find EVERYTHING online now that launched on Valentine’s Day. Great gift idea for the men in your life.

Bevel Beard Balm

Founder and CEO Tristan Walker is now launching Bevel Body plus new additions to Bevel Hair and Bevel Skin! Bevel products are dermatologist-tested solutions to help solve grooming problems – like clogged pores, dryness, and deodorant that doesn’t reach its full potential) and make life easier. The nine new products, which are designed to hydrate, protect and be efficacious.

What we received:

Bevel Aluminum-Free Deodorant ($9.95; Net Weight 2.5oz)
Achieve 48-hour odor protection that penetrates curly and coarse underarm hair to combat and prevent malodor at the source. This residue-free formula will leave you feeling and smelling your best all day.
Bevel Moisturizing Shampoo ($9.95; 12oz) 
A moisturizing sulfate-free shampoo that gently cleanses thick and textured hair without stripping it of its natural oils or altering the hair’s natural pattern. A perfect prep-step before heading to the barbershop.
Bevel Moisturizing Conditioner ($9.95; 12oz)
The best cuts come after the conditioner. This sulfate-free formula moisturizes, conditions, and detangles your hair so your lineups and styles are always fresh and clean.
Bevel Beard Softener ($9.95; 4oz) 
Soften the roughest of hair, reduce breakage, and gently detangle with this nourishing, wash off, sulfate and silicone-free beard softener.
Bevel Beard Oil ($14.95; 1oz)
Nourish and hydrate your beard with our long-lasting Beard Oil that reduces frizz and seals in moisture thanks to our lightweight, non-greasy formula.
Bevel Face Serum ($14.95; 1oz) 
Skin care should be simple. Our oil-free, dermatologist-tested hydrating serum helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. All you need is a few drops.
Bevel Exfoliating Body Wash ($9.95; 16oz) 
Formulated with Charcoal and Argan Oil to deeply nourish and exfoliate, this body wash is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Available in three signature scents – Dark Cassis, Black Bergamot, and Supreme Oak.
Bevel Body Lotion ($9.95; 16oz) 
This all-day moisturizing body lotion is infused with Shea Butter and Argan Oil to lock in moisture and soften skin with each use. No more reapplying between showers. Over time, with continued use, the skin’s natural moisture barrier and ability to hold moisture will be improved.
Bevel Natural Bar Soap ($5.95; 5oz) 
Skip the detergents and artificial ingredients – this dermatologist-tested natural bar soap is infused with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter for a non-drying experience that deeply exfoliates, cleanses, and leaves the skin feeling moisturized after your shower.
Bevel is committed to solving the unique health and beauty problems for men of color with solution-based products that work. For more information or to get Beveltoday, please visit:
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