Miss Renaissance 2013 Taylor A.Williams

Cynthia Bailey Pageant 543-X2

Poise, Beauty and Confidence. That’s what this beauty had but was so shocked when they announced that she would take home the title of Miss Renaissance 2013 but Taylor A.Williams was very deserving. Meet your 2013 Renaissance beauty queen!

Cynthia Bailey Pageant 433-X2

I got a chance to chat with Taylor a few minutes behind stage and she was still taking it all in. She was so nervous but has no idea what a great title and crown she wears. She ‘s from Detroit, Mi and came all this way to enter the pageant. She was very articulate and fun to talk to. She did a great job in the pageant and plans on representing Cynthia’s pageantry well. Congrats to her.

Cynthia Bailey Pageant 533-M

Cynthia Bailey Pageant 535-M

Cynthia Bailey Pageant 550-X2

Cynthia Bailey Pageant 567-X2


Pics by Robin Lori


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