My Earliest Memory Of My First Coke #CokeEssenceFestival

coke essence festival

My earliest memory of drinking my first Coke was when I moved here to Atlanta, back in 2005. The first thing I wanted to do was take my family to the Coca-Cola Exhibit and try out all the Cokes from all over the world!

I’m a northern girl, born and raised, and of course we were used to sipping something totally different, but when I had my first Coke here in the south, I fell in love with it and now it has become part of my daily routine. There is nothing like having an ice-cold Coke with a hotdog and chips or a great dinner with a Coke to wash it all down. I also like to add some fizz to my morning to pep me up, so that is why I always crack one open! While some might have coffee, I like to have my morning Coke!

While I try to do everything in moderation, I like to drink a Coke when I am craving one! Do you guys out there love Coca-Cola as much as I do?

The memory of drinking my first Coke means a lot to me because it’s such a staple of Atlanta and of my lifestyle, and it brings such joy and happiness to me! ‘Till next time!

The Coca-Cola Company provided promotional consideration for my participation in this 

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