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Hey guys great news! A few weeks ago, I was approached by fellow blogger Kimberly who owns the very informative site Keystrokes By Kimberly! She wanted to interview me for her blog and I happily obliged. She is an actual English major and writes for several blogs and magazines! I look up to writers like her and definitely plan on taking a few writing courses too! Hey, I never said I could do it all, I’m not a perfect person one bit! Come inside to see what I had to say during our interview! 

I always say that we bloggers have to stick together and we have to pull each other up! That’s why I do a series of blogger events and keep the cost down because I want us to gain knowledge and power. Let’s all try to help each other and if I can help in anyway I can(schedule permitting) I will too! Visit Kimberly’s site and support her as well! Till next time! xoxo


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How did you get started?

I moved to Atlanta in 2005, my son was going to kindergarten; my daughter was in 4th grade. I was ready to get back to work after being a stay-at-home mother for many years. The first job I landed was working for a TV show called, College Talk and the rest is history! While working for College Talk, I went back to school and got my certification in TV production and eventually started my own talk show Talking With Tami. My mother-in-law came up with the name because I wanted to have a variety talk show. Soon after blogs became the trend and I transitioned my TV show over to a blog and that was it. It was well received.

You do so much I have to ask do you have a staff and/or team?

Nope, it’s just me and my photographer Robin Lori Marshall.

Million Dollar Question ~ Have you ever been snubbed?

I’m snubbed every week but I keep it moving. It comes with the nature of the business. When most people hear the word “blogger” they usually assume you are a gossip blogger and run like the wind. Lol.

How do you balance work, family and life?

I balance work, family and my life with a lot of prayer to God and determination. My husband makes it very easy too by being supportive plus it helps that my kids are teens now! That allows me to travel and cover more events around the world.

Share with us your Ford Fiesta experience?

I’ve been working with Ford for over five years now and they were looking for new Fiesta Agents for 2013. I sent in a video and my media kit like everyone else. I was selected along with 99 other people and couldn’t believe it! I felt very blessed because there were over 10,000 applicants who applied. As a Ford Fiesta Agent I get to drive a brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta around town and afar with free gas, no car note or car insurance payments for a year! I just talk about the car from time to time via my social media platforms and complete my monthly Ford mission. By the way…My Ford missions are so much fun! I love being a Fiesta Agent!

What has been your most memorable experience as a blogger?

My most memorable experience as a blogger was meeting one of my favorite fashion icons Dita Von Teese (She is a huge Burlesque Dancer and Fashion It Girl). She invited me to one of her Vegas shows and gave me top notch V.I.P. treatment. She sat me front row at the Crazy Horse show. I got to hang out in her V.I.P lounge, it was so posh! I also had an interview with Dita and she was so sweet. I blog about her a lot! She has a huge following. You have to check her out. After the show, she tweeted me a picture of her sparkly shoes which she had custom made by Christian Louboutin. I could have passed out! I will never forget that!

What is your dream opportunity?

My dream opportunity is to work for E! News as a red carpet correspondent or for any major TV network covering events. People assume that I want to be on a reality show but I digress. I want to be a red carpet correspondent!

What is your typical day like?

I’m up at 6am, checking emails, writing for my blog, getting the kids ready for school and doing telephone conferences all day. I go back and forth to my door about 4 to 5 times receiving packages delivered from UPS and Fed Ex. I review products, take photos, answer more emails and pick up and drop off my kids to whatever they have scheduled. I run errands, grocery shop, meet girlfriends for lunch, chat with hubby on the phone then finish up the blog for the day and head to events if there are any to cover that evening. I usually shoot my pictures myself unless Robin is available then I come home, write recaps and edit photos for my blog for the very next day. Then I start all over again! Lol. I LOVE it!

What’s three points of advice would you give blooming bloggers?

Be consistent, stay on trend, and brand yourself!

What top brands have you worked with?

I’ve worked with Ford, We TV, Oxygen, M.A.C.Cosmetics, Kmart, Microsoft and Style Network to name a few.

What type of blogger do you consider yourself?

I’m a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger.

What was your first Ahhh Moment?

My Ahhh Moment was when I realized a lot of people are not going to be in your corner. I learned right away to make my own way and not give a damn about what everyone else was doing. I learned to do things myself because other people don’t see your vision and will drop the ball!

Any closing words?

Dream Big!


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