My Makeup Brush Set

my makeup brush set

For all my glam girls out there that LOVE makeup and cool new products, I’m sure you will appreciate these new makeup brushes that I just received! Yes, they are too cute for words and they are pink my favorite color! I love them also because its breast cancer awareness month too! My daughter Dootie and I go through makeup brushes a lot but this 24-piece Pink Glory Brush Set looks like it will last us a long time. This brush set would make such a fabulous gift idea for all the glam girls out there because they are pink and girly. More info inside…

makeup brushes

We found the brush set to be very durable, they are very soft to the touch and applied our makeup very well. All the tools we need to get a beat face! Dootie tried out the makeup brushes first (you know she did lol) and gave them a huge thumbs up. Give them a try if you are looking for new makeup brushes, we really like them. Visit My Makeup Brush Set to see all they have! xoxo

Makeup Brush Set Includes:

Large Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
Large Powder Brush
Powder & Blush Brush
Large Bevel Contour Brush
Foundation Brush
Highlight Brush
Large Eye Shadow Brush
Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush
Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush
Eye shadow brush
Medium-sized Bevel Eye Shadow Brush
Nose Shadow Brush
Small Eye Shadow
Medium-sized Bevel Eyebrow/eye Shadow
Small Eye Shadow
Small Bevel Eyebrow / Eye Shadow Brush
Concealer Brush
Small Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
Lip Brush
Bevel Eyebrow / Eyeliner Brush
Sponge Eye Shadow Brush
Eyebrow & Eyelash Comb
Eyelash Brush
Fine Eyeliner Brush
Vegan Leather Case

makeup brush set

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