My Style: BedHead Eiffel Tower Pajamas


As I look over the city of downtown Los Angeles, I started to think about all the fun I have had over the years and people that I’ve met. Its also a good feeling to know that I have some amazing friends that believe in me and have my back. Sometimes I don’t see my friends every single day or hear from them often as I would like to but its good to know that when we do catch up, its genuine. In life, you will be busy and it can be challenging but always remember to take time to cherish the relationships you have.

In this shot I’m wearing a pair of my favorite pajamas with the Eiffel Tower on them. I planned on taking a trip to Paris, France last year but it didn’t happen but it still may be in the works for this year(fingers crossed) but Los Angeles is always a good thing lol. More pics inside and where to find…

Bedhead pajamas

bedhead pajamas

Location: Downtown Los Angeles

Hair & Makeup: Me

Readers: I Heart Eyewear Ivy readers

Pajamas: BedHead Pajamas Eiffel Tower(sold out similar)

Photographer: Charles West

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