My Style: Black Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set

I was so excited this morning when I received a text asking me if I would be home to have a vehicle dropped off to my house. It was from Cadillac and actually I have a vacation coming up to Florida and I was supposed to get this truck next week. They said that their schedule was going to be really busy next week and would I mind getting the vehicle a little bit early!

Who in the world would turn down an opportunity to have a luxury vehicle like 2021 Cadillac Escalade Sport for a few extra days right? I told them sure bring it on and now I am running around town doing all my errands in style lol! While zipping around I wore this comfy black jogging suit that is all the rage right now!

No one is really dressing up just lounging around in jeans bodysuits or trousers. I can’t wait to dress up again but for now, this style works for me! You guys know it’s from Femme Luxe and they have all sorts of reasonably priced outfits you can wear. Just be sure to go up a few sizes because their clothing is European cut. More pics and where to find inside…

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City, Me

Jogger: Femme Luxe Uk Black Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set

2021 Cadillac Escalade Sport

Photographer: Neighbor

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