My Style: Black & Red Hibiscus Monroe High Waist Swimsuit

You guys are going to get sick of me because I plan on staying in bikinis all Summer long lol. I recently went to Auburn, Alabama for a red carpet event with Warner Bros and once they sent me over my itinerary, I saw that the hotel we were staying at had a pool! I told my photographer Genae to make sure to pack a few swim suits so that we could get some cool shots!

I didn’t actually get in the pool to swim this time around because we had a red carpet later that day but it was fun to just hang out and chill by it lol. Most girls I know don’t ever swim that much, we just like to look cute and take photos lol. I do know how to swim, I took classes in high school and college and my kids know how to swim as well. Dootie was actually on the swim team in middle school, she loves the water like me but I was not in the mood to redo my hair, it would have been too much work. Anyway, everyone seemed to love this high-waisted hibiscus suit that I posted on my social the other day and its still available online, links and where to find inside with more pics…Enjoy your day! xoxo

Location: The Hotel At Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

Hair & Makeup: Me

Sun Hat: Vintage

Swimsuit: Unique Vintage Black & Red Hibiscus Monroe High Waist Swimsuit

Photographer: Genae Banks Photography



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