My Style: Blue Island Jumpsuit

Just sitting here thinking about how much fun my Girls Night In event was yesterday! It really makes me feel good inside to think that after all these years, I’m still at it! Although it stresses me out sometimes because throwing an event, I don’t care how small or big can be very time consuming, stressful and sometimes things just don’t go your way! I’ve been trying to do this Girls Night In event for several months but things just kept getting pushed back or something didn’t ship on time etc. I took it all in stride though and don’t want to put a damper on it plus it turned out lovely but yes, planning events and parties can take a toll mentally and physically.

I’m always left scratching my head too, wondering why no one else likes to have parties but always want to be invited lol. Anyways, I loved this jumpsuit I was wearing and told the ladies to wear something with floral print to celebrate the beginning of Summer! I loved the pattern and it’s extremely comfy and cheap! More details with links inside and have a great day bookies!

Location: Stanley Martin Homes

Hair & Makeup: Me, wearing TrapMinks Birkin Lashes

Jumper: TJ MAXX Blue Island Jumpsuit

Sandals: Gucci Leather thong sandal with Double G

Images: Genae Banks Photography

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