My Style: Brown Slinky Mini Dress

Good day everyone! My Boogy Bear is under the weather today but I’m praying for a speedy recovery. He has a bad cold and his little nose is pretty stuffy. Baby Legend stayed over my house for a day and we played, laughed, at lunch but I knew he wasn’t feeling his best. So Legend granny sends you lots of well wishes but I know you will be fine, I love yah! I threw on this comfy brown slinky mini dress to run around the house after Legend in. It was so funny to catch him in my bathroom pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, I was cracking up, he is into everything since he started walking lol. Thats what grandkids do though…ha! More pictures and where to find inside, Happy Monday everyone!

Location: My Spot

Hair & Makeup: Me

Dress: Slinky Mini Dress By Femme Luxe Finery

Photographer: Pootie

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