My Style: Femme Luxe Finery Joggers & Trousers

I’m one of those people that either has really dressy clothing or really casual clothing. I don’t really have anything in between. Often times, I am running out to the grocery store, post office, to a neighbors house or picking up my grandson. So it’s often hard for me to find something to throw on for all of these different tasks and look decent lol. On Femme Luxe Finery website, there you can find anything from cute corset dresses to sexy bodysuits or all sorts of jeans.

They have tons of casual but cute outfits to wear just for running around town which I love! I think I only own two pair of sneakers too, so that goes to show you that I don’t really wear loungewear too often. I’m learning more and more to dress down and especially since we have all been mainly home since Covid 19.

I’m ordering more and more joggers, jeans and just t-shirts since the world is pretty much shut down. I did head out to dinner with a girlfriend and wore some high waisted trousers, that was perfect. Check out Femme Luxe website where they have plenty of fun but comfortable clothing to wear around the house or like I said, just running around. More pics and where to find my cute joggers inside and another look to wear out and about…

Location: Target

Hair & Makeup: Me

Femme Luxe Finery Crop Top: Femme Luxe Finery pink short sleeve crop t shirt

Femme Luxe Finery Joggers: Femme Luxe Finery light pink cuffed joggers

Photographer: Pootie

Location: McCray’s Tavern

Hair & Makeup: Me

Top: Old

Femme Luxe Finery trousers: Femme Luxe Finery High waisted PU skinny trousers

Shoes: Oka-B ballerina flats

Photographer: Jen




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