My Style: Femme Luxe White Front Clasp Corset Bodysuit Chaya

I was headed out for some fun under the big top with my girlfriend, so I pulled out a blazer, jeans and this cute bodysuit. I am trying to change up my style just a bit because sometimes I can be very repetitive with my fashion choices and this year and next, I want to be a little more edgy and try new things. I hardly every wear blazers and I knew that inside the Cirque Du Soleil show, it can be a bit chilly, so I thought this would be a great look to pair a bodysuit and blazer and denim.

It’s not my normal either but it was something different for me and I was extremely comfortable. I have been working with fashion brand¬†Femme Luxe a United Kingdom brand and they have ton of sexy bodysuits that you can choose from and in an array of bright colors too! I loved this clasp corset one and it fits really good! More pictures and where to find inside, kisses! xoxo

Location: My Spot

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City

Blazer: Old

Bodysuit: Femme Luxe White Front Clasp Corset Bodysuit Chaya

Jeans: Old

Photographer: Pootie

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