My Style: House Of Chapple Custom Kimono

Sometimes when I have an event, I am left scrambling trying to figure out what to wear! It’s always good though to have friends that are in the fashion business that can help you out lol. Fashion Designer Reco Chapple(House of Chapple) has been a longtime friend for years and he always saves the day!

I had to attend a pop-up wedding event in the city and I called him to see what he had available in his closet. He told me to come by and to take a peek inside his never-ending fashionable closet and pick something out to wear! I picked out a custom rhinestoned kimono, it was something different and it fit great! I love Reco and you have to check out some of his latest sewing videos on YouTube called, Sew Like A Pro. They are very informative and fun and he has some celebrities stop by. Have a fabulous week everyone and check back here because I’m off to Los Angeles with Disney this weekend! xoxo

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City

Kimono: Custom Rhinestoned Kimono From House of Chapple

Skirt: Old

Shoes: House of Chapple

Photographer: Reco Chapple

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