My Style: Ivory Long Sleeve Eyelash Embroidery PJ Set

I am really living the quarantine life lol. I can count on one hand how many times I actually got fully dressed last week lol. I’ve been lounging around in pajamas for quite some time now but I love it! I own an array of jammies in every style and color. I pulled these cute pajamas out to just feel refreshed after a shower and watch movies. I have been a fan of Bedhead Pajamas for YEARS and when I wore this pj set, it reminded me to reach out to them and see what was new! I was shocked to see that this pajama set was still on the website too, ha! I’ve had them for at least four years!

Bedhead and I rekindled our relationship over instagram over the weekend and they told me that they would send me out a brand new pj set since it’s my birthday this week! I was too elated and can’t wait to share with you guys what they look like. They have the softest jammies too with fun styles, designs and patterns! It was hard for me to decide on a new pair but the ones I picked out are super fun! You can lounge around the house in them all day too. ┬áThese pajamas I’m wearing are a size XL when I was plus size. So I am very excited to receive the new ones that fit a bit better now lol! More pics and where to find inside…

Location: My Spot

Hair & Makeup: Me

Pajamas: Bedhead PJ’s Ivory Long Sleeve Classic PJ Set Eyelash Embroidery

Photographer: Pootie

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