My Style: Jungle Sexy Long Maxi Dress

I saw a little ray of sun outside my window and immediately called my photographer Kennedy and asked her to shoot me today in this lovely maxi dress! It’s been raining a bit and I haven’t been able to really get any good shots of fashion stuff but finally today a bit of sun! So I hurried up to get ready and headed to my pool area for a few snaps.

This jungle print maxi long dress is a bit tricky to wear, you have to place it just right or you can be quickly exposed if you know what I mean but its such a pretty maxi to wear lounging poolside or on a late night beach walk lol. I would suggest wearing it as a cover up but it’s not something you can wear on a date night because of slippage that might happen yikes lol! More pics inside and where to find….

Location: My Pool Area

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City Mz Red Carpet

Dress: Shop Bella Bella Style Jungle Sexy Long Maxi Dress, use my discount code TAMI for 20% off

Photographer: Images by Kennedy

Welcome to the jungle with this sexy sleeveless printed long maxi dress. This dress is rocking a genuine  sensual vibe that will turn heads while expressing feminine prowess. This dress had the perfect flowy feel, ready for any photo opt or day out.

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