My Style: Lauren Tube Dress

My style

So it was a date night for me and Mr. Reed last night. It was really warm out here in Atlanta, so I opted out for this pretty black & white tube dress sent to me by TK Reflections Boutique in New Jersey. I initially was going to wear this out in Los Angeles a few weeks back but it was a bit chilly there believe it or not, only reaching 75 degrees some days while I was there for the BET Awards, so I never got a chance to wear it, till last night. My husband absolutely loved this dress on me but he is also a lover of body cons, that’s why I wear and order them so much lol. He sends me the cutest text messages when I post pics of me in them…wink! 

my style

Ford ATL

Ford Atl

Location: Ford Event Downtown Atlanta

Hair & Makeup: Dootie wearing Ruby Woo red lipstick

Dress: TK Reflections Boutique Lauren Tube Dress

Shoes: Chanel Sandals courtesy of A Daily Diva

Photographer: Paras Griffin/The Photoman Life

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2 thoughts on “My Style: Lauren Tube Dress

  1. Tami, girl I wish someone turn this heat off in the ATL, lol! Anywho, you both look great. I love your dress and makeup! Keep up the excellent work!

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