My Style: Military Look

My Style

I was chatting with my girlfriend this morning about how my style has been evolving. She said that she loved my new stylist and that you can tell from looking at videos and pictures that we mesh well together. I totally agreed with my friend Julie and it has been fun! Some say, “wow you guys became fast friends” but here is the thing! Once you meet someone, you can tell right away if the relationship is going to work or not.

Me and Jon have a lot of things in common too. We are silly and we like to have fun. Photos can make you look a certain way but pictures don’t really tell the real story. We sit and talk about a whole lot of things that are happening around us, it can get deep. Pictures and posts are just a glimpse into someone’s life always remember that. People do not really get to see the “real me” goofing off, dancing, singing, running around like a crazy lady and doing other stuff. You only learn about someone from what they put out there. Never judge from that because its all just an illusion. But then again you wouldn’t want to see anyone post miserable things anyway, right? Trust me I have those kinda days too, Im not always so happy!

Anywoo, Jon styled me for Lisa Wu’s birthday party recently and I loved this fun look. It was still chilly out, so I just wore a black wool coat with fur trim, military styled hat out of Jon’s stash and leggings with a pop of color for a shoe. Nothing too serious but a lot of people LOVED it so I thought to share. Sorry images are kinda blurry, I didn’t really want to post this look because I literally ran in to say “Happy Birthday” to Lisa and to show my face, then I left. I was not really in the mood to stay and party lol. Enjoy! 

My Style

My style

Location: Varasano’s Pizzeria Perimeter Mall

Hair & Makeup: Jon The Stylist, wearing M.A.C Von Teese Vivid Tomato Red Lipstick

Hat: Military Hat(Vintage)

Coat: Wool Coat with Fur Trim(Vintage)

Gloves: Leather Gloves (old)

Turtleneck:  J Crew Tissue Turtleneck T Shirt

Pants: J Crew Pixie Pants

Belt: Guccissima leather belt with interlocking G buckle

Shoes: Valentino Multi-Colored Rock Studs Ankle Straps

Photographer: Jon The Stylist


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