My Style: Stone Knitted Long Cardigan

Yesterday afternoon I met my Accountability Coach Shekila for lunch. We are still going strong and it’s been almost a year now since we had our first meeting. My journals that she gave me are all filled up with my dreams, hopes and aspirations. She also gives me weekly assignments that I try my best to fulfill and I truly find it rewarding. We try to meet weekly and if we can’t meet in person, we talk over the phone. Shekila has written several self-help books that aid people with anxiety, healing, and depression. I’ve read one of her books 21 Days Of Radical Gratitude. A Journey of Complete Peace and it helped me get through my divorce.

We met at Seasons 52, one of our favorite spots and indulged in crab cakes, wine and conversation. I threw out some new ideas that I wanted to accomplish within the next several months and she loved my ideas. A lot has gone on this year so far that was so unexpected but I’m taking it one day at a time.

One thing that I’ve learned is that time waits for no one and if there is something that you want to achieve, just do it! Most times it’s fear that holds us back, lack of money or not enough support but if you just give it a try, then maybe, just maybe it will work. You just never know but God has your back when no one else will.

During our lunch date I wore this comfy cardigan from Femme Luxe. I wear sweaters a lot because they calm my nerves and I’m always cold anyway lol. Pair this sweater with a cute pair of jeans, a sexy bodysuit, leggings or skirt. We are all still dealing with this Pandemic, so not too many people are dressing up these days, it’s all about comfort. Personally, I haven’t stepped foot on a red carpet in over a year but I am kinda enjoying this well-deserved break, well kinda lol! Check out a few snaps inside and where to find, have a great day everyone!

Location: Seasons 52

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City, Me

Cardigan: Femme Luxe UK Stone Knitted Long Cardigan

Tank: H&M Jersey Tank Top

Photographer: Shekila

My Accountability Coach Shekila

Lump Cakes and Salad

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6 thoughts on “My Style: Stone Knitted Long Cardigan

  1. I love shekila!!!!…I’M blessed to have her by my side on a weekly basis… always there for me!!!She encourages me and redirects when I’m not focused but most importantly we pray together!!!

  2. I love this story and many more that has brought peace, gratitude, and go getter attitudes that both of these ladies have!

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