My Style: The Mystery Dress

Hello lovelies, so over the weekend I attended a beautiful wedding ceremony and it called for formal attire. It was a scorcher here in Atlanta so I was wondering what I was going to wear. Then I remembered that my girlfriend Gail gave me this pretty dress that she decided not to keep and she said, it just looked like something I would wear! The thing is, she bought it from a vintage store and it has NO label in it. So its pretty much a mystery dress and I’ve looked online with no luck as to who made it lol. I do know that I love it and that it fit perfect and turned heads at the wedding!

Everyone asked me where did I get it and I really felt bad that I had no information on it! I usually always let you guys know where I get things but yes unfortunately not this time! Another thing about this dress is that it has a huge exposed black zipper that was supposed to be worn in the front but I didn’t like it styled like that so I turned it around, came out pretty good! More pics inside, have a great day everyone, and yes today is my BIRTHDAY and I have few pictures to share of my surprise brunch with my daughter Tyra an friends in a few! Make sure to check back later.

Location: My Spot

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City

Car: 2021 BMW X 5

Dress: Gifted (vintage)

Photographer: Neighbor

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