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My Style

Hello Darlings! I was too geeked to wear this outfit that my stylist Jon put together for me for an event last night. I was headed to a bridal fashion show in Buckhead, so I reached out to Jon to see if he could work his magic! Magic he worked and I wanted to share with you how he took a regular jumpsuit out of my closet and transformed it into a completely different look! More inside…

My Style

I had this black caplet jumpsuit in my closet for quite sometime. I always wanted to wear it but just didnt have the right occasion to wear it to. That’s when I facetimed Jon and showed him this outfit, he told me that he could do something with it and to pack it and head his way. When Jon styles me, he does way more than just pick out a look for me, he really gets down in there. If you are a bit shy, you may not want to hire a stylist because it is a process. Jon has to fix my bras, readjust my boobs to actually sit up properly and so much more. I am a 36DD and I don’t care what I wear, they are going to be noticeable lol.

I found out by consulting with Jon that I was wearing my Spanx all wrong! He had to show me how to “pull” them all the way up, I had no clue! So yes ladies, he is definitely in your personal space but the outcome is always impeccable. People always ask me what kind of undergarments I wear and I tell them that I have all sorts of Spanx from short to long and I even wear their bras. You may want to go down a size so that they fit really snug, you don’t want them to be loose at all. You have to start with a great foundation first! I see so many women out in the streets that could look so much better if they would just wear the right bras and shapers…argh!

My Style

So Jon basically altered my peplum jumpsuit then added a black vintage Dior tuxedo jacket, black Gucci cummerbund and pinned a Chanel brooch on me. I already had the shoes & clutch and I was ready to go. Jon also styled my hair and did my makeup, so pretty. Jon gets upset when he styles someone and they later have the wrong hair or makeup on, so occasionally if he has time, he will do the complete look for you. Not that he is controlling or anything but in his head, he has a vision of how he wants the whole look to be. I know exactly what he is talking about too because I’ve seen people on the red carpet and they have on a pretty dress but their hair is all wrong or the makeup lol.

I loved the outcome, something that I would have never thought to wear. It was fun, fashionable and comfortable. I got so many compliments at the event and lots of my followers loved my look as well! Jon did it again, I must say. Check back with me this weekend as I head to the Trumpet Awards red carpet, Jon already is working on my next look for that, I can’t wait! xoxo

My Style

My Style

My Style

My Style

jon the stylist

Location: Steelworks Atlanta

Hair & Makeup: Jon The Stylist

Earrings: 7 Charming Sisters Style Squared Earrings

Jumpsuit: Chic & Curvy Boutique Peplum Jumpsuit

Tuxedo Jacket: Vintage Dior Jacket

Cummerbund: Vintage Gucci

Brooch: Vintage Chanel

Clutch: Old

Shoes: Old

Photographer: Jon The Stylist

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