My Style: V Neck Gold Chain Gaucho Jumper

ashley stewart

Me and Fashionista Marlo Hampton

While I attended Marlo’s The Art of Style fashion event yesterday, I heard someone whisper behind me, “I don’t even want to take a picture or stand next to her, I’m so intimidated”. I quickly turned around to see who it was, and I just blank starred them lol.  You see, people that have confidence would never think to say such a thing. We all have our own personal style and could look just as good as Marlo but you definitely have to put in the effort!

If I had the means, sources, glam squad to make me look as glammed up as Marlo, you damn skippy I would too lol! Always think though, when you see your favorite celebrities in designer this and that, on vacation laid out on some exotic beach in all those pretty photos, you just NEVER know what they had to go through to gain the things they have. So never judge or assume. Do what YOU can, invest in YOURSELF and be the best “YOU” can be.

For Marlo’s event I wore this cute gaucho jumper for the blazing hot afternoon, the event was so on point and I can’t wait to share my opinion with full recap and images with you tomorrow! Please check back. For now you can see more pics of my look and where to find it inside! Enjoy! 

ashley stewart gaucho jumper

Later on, I stopped by my friend Gail’s office and next door was this cool art studio!



Locations: 1st stop Atlantic Station, 2nd stop Art Studio Downtown Decatur

Hair & Makeup: Me & Dootie

Jumper: Ashley Stewart Deep V Neck Gold Chain Gaucho Jumper

Shoes: JustFab(old)

Photographer: Gail Johnson

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  1. So true Tami! And that’s what inspired my book “How to be a baller without being a celebrity”. People think just because they are celebrities they don’t go through stuff. You can save money on a regular 9 to 5 and live YOUR glamours life. Who said it has to be compared to entertainers?

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