My Style: Wrap Plunge Jumpsuit

my style

While cruising around in Los Angeles, California I remembered that they had the famous Roscoe’s House of Chicken’N Waffles there, so me and Genae drove on over. Yes the food was so good and I took a few photos outside the restaurant. If you ever plan on visiting this place, you will be so happy! The food is really good with a friendly staff! I wore this red wrap jumper that was perfect for the occasion and have more details and links inside…

my style

Location: Roscoe’s Chicken’n Waffles in Los Angeles

Hair & Makeup: Dootie & Genae

Sunglasses: Cynthia Bailey Eyewear Bailey Sunwear

Jumpsuit: Shop Love Yourz Jumpsuit

Purse: Chanel flap bag courtesy of Bag Borrow or Steal

Shoes: J Crew gladiator studded lace up sandals wearing Essie Berried Treasures summer collection

Photographer: Genae Banks Photography

My style

My Style

my style


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