My Thoughts: Rapper Plies Body Slammed At NightClub

plies gets a beat down

I would NEVER normally blog about a rapper out in the streets doing anything dumb but last night my instagram lit up with post after post of video footage showing rapper Plies getting tossed into a crowd of people at some nightclub in Tallahassee, Florida like a rag doll! On instagram, I do follow Plies because I think this guy is hella funny, although I can’t understand a damn thing he is saying half the time, but every now and then, he does kick knowledge on how these new age females act and he gives out a bit of real advice to these youngens. First off, I had no idea that he was so tiny, he definitely appears bigger in images and he was just here at the Gold Room a few days ago.

I’m sure he wish he could have stayed his behind here in Atlanta for a few more days after he was confronted by a pseudo fan who DDT’d his a** like they was in a wrestling match, right in front of EVERYBODY to watch and record…lawd! See, thats why I take my behind home at night and don’t do any clubbing because these young folks today do NOT care about anybody and will cut the fool! Nope, I will just watch all the foolery on my laptop/cell phone from afar and in my comfy bed LOL!

It all started when Plies was on stage in front of a full house and a fan wanted to come on stage and shake his hand and show him love. I guess Plies wasn’t feeling him and said something to the fact that disrespected, embarrassed and set off A.K.A. “Moody Green”. Like most men, if you are feeling a bit slighted or embarrassed and especially in front of hundreds of people, you’re going to feel some sort of way. So instead of doing the intelligent thing and just walking away, NEVER buying Plies music again and unfollowing him, he does the unthinkable and body slams Plies off the stage, like he is auditioning for a WWE match, who does that? People have too much pride these day and are in their feelings. All of this was totally unnecessary and my main question that I have for this whole incident is…What in the hell was security doing? I blame PLIES!

First off, what manager/club owner allows any crazy fan to get that CLOSE to any artist??????? I will wait!

Where was your manager, publicist, bodyguard, your boys, mom, dad, baby mama, weed holder, spiritual advisor, hell ANY damn body?

Perhaps you can call up Floyd Mayweather’s money team and see if his entourage is available to work with you when you have major events, concerts, appearances and club walk thrus, just saying! You need a foreal goon squad!

All those Vine & Instagram videos you post daily acting and looking all tough, now dude that body slammed you, just made you look like a complete idiot! You lost a lot of “street credit” with just this one video that went viral overnight and now lots of hood guys will try you because they’ll think your soft.

Maybe after walking out of the club ALIVE and with your life, you will reevaluate some things you say to your fans, in your music and diffuse that ghetto persona you have.

If you haven’t by now, you should immediately fire those rent-a-cops you had that stood around and did absolutely nothing, if you had any security at all. Also, get your money back if you paid them. You also should definitely seek legal consultation to sue the owners of that nightclub too because I’m sure your back is on fire today and you may be injured. You do realize you got slammed off a stage that was elevated.

Its funny how people are so big and bad on the internet. This is a perfect example of how folks front online and act like they are tough and more than what they are. Fans support foolishness like this all the time and think ratchetness is ok and that it’s cool, till they see the real come out. Plies will forever be clowned now, lesson learned I hope.

Video Footage….

Plies Slammed at Concert…#plies #suplexSaturdays

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3 thoughts on “My Thoughts: Rapper Plies Body Slammed At NightClub

  1. plies has got to be embarrassed by this…hell I would. That foolery went on a few seconds too long and security just set there. Plies need to fire the fake cops ASAP….clearly they are not into protecting him.

  2. Natasha, I rewinded the video a few times like, what is he saying? I hollered when he was yelling out “color money”. What in the heck is that suppose to mean? Then proceeded to slam him, I was done and on the ground! Tee hee!

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