My Top 5 Tips On Picking A Great Photographer

Talking With Tami

Hey guys as some of you may know, I am always doing photoshoots. In the entertainment business we have to always have up to date images to send to brands, use for marketing materials, flyers etc. I hadn’t did a photoshoot and updated my images in about two years, so it was definitely time to upgrade lol. In Atlanta there is a slew of amazing photographers and I have become very friendly with a lot of them.


talking with tami

I will say too that you have to really study a photographers pictures and see who works best for you. For events, red carpet affairs, I have my favorites, for street style images I have those as well then I have photographers that I LOVE for editorials and print work.

I will say this to you guys out there too that are trying to really step it up and gain more exposure and respect. Really do your due diligence to find a great photographer that works for you. Pretty pictures sell you before a person may even want to work with you, so please invest in yourself!

To be very truthful, I have shot with some very well-known photographers too and I didn’t really like the outcome of my photos and they never saw the light of day lol. Some people are just use to shooting stick thin models and they may have not worked with a plus size person before, so you have to find someone that best fits you. So I hope I’ve helped you and here is my list below! Good luck on your venture, it will be hard but worth it.

Top five tips on picking a great photographer 

After doing your research etc, set up a meeting and get a feel of the photographer, their work, their portfolio, personality, professionalism and what that person has to offer.

Do a test shoot. Take a look at a few images to see if you want to even move forward, again some people just can not shoot certain people.

You have to be comfortable shooting with a photographer, point blank! If its tension or you feel uneasy, it will show in your pictures, trust me!

Ask what type of technology or equipment they are using. You want a photographer that is knowledgable on what’s hot and new. Ol’school technology works for some things but they have to still know or have whats out there in the world now.

Check references carefully before forking over you hard earned cash! I’ve seen where people have given their deposits and never saw their pictures or that person ever again. Beware because as many nice and trustworthy people that are out there, there are also that few that are shady and only out to take your money. Beware!


Images courtesy of Will Kennedy/Images By Kennedy

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  1. Tami, the photos came out great! Did you not want to share the name of the Photographer? Also.. please help me with this question. I’d like to invest in a good camera that takes great photos. With an upcoming Senior in HS, I’d like to capture those special moments coming up using a great camera. I know that everyone is using their Iphone these days to take pics, but can you share your 1st hand knowledge on a good camera that is not too, too expensive.

  2. The photographers name and link is at the bottom also I’m not a photographer so not sure what to tell u to get I usually hire photographers but I have a Nikon d5000

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