My Top Romantic movies

It’s February and I love Valentine’s Day! I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite romantic movies. Most of these movies that I love, came out in the 80’s but I’m sure they are available on dvd or you can rent them. When I tell yah these are some good movies trust me, they are! Some will leave you with a lil tear ,while others will make you laugh, some both.

About Last Night was a romantic comedy that took place in the 80’s. Demi Moore and Rob Lowe starred in this movie. They met each other and had a one night stand. The couple then moved too fast and moved in together and it didn’t work out. Both were way too immature and were not ready for a committed relationship. At the end they became good friends. This is such a great classic!

Cousins was so good! This starred Ted Danson and model Isabella Rossellini. They were cousins by marriage. There combined families were total misfits but they found humor together. This is such a funny movie and I’m sure that everyone can relate to this romantic classic. This movie also reminds me of another movie called,A wedding and a funeral.

Then we have my all time favorite 9 1/2 Weeks. This is an ol school classic people. Get ready to see some sexy scenes and more! This stars Mickey Rourke when he was hott to death and Kim Basinger in her prime lol. I watched this movie a million times and even bought the soundtrack thats how good the music is in this! Kim falls for Mickey Rourke who is quite a mysterious man. Kim gets tangled in his web and falls head over heels for him. Mickey plays too many head games for Kim and she, well you will have to find out. I can so relate to this movie lol. If you’re just hanging out one day, please rent these great classics, they are definitely some great must sees!

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