Naomi Campbell Gives Jimmy Fallon Modeling & Tap Dancing Tips

Supermodel Naomi Campbell stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! She talked about helping Bella and Gigi Hadid with their runway walks and getting her own exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London before teaching Jimmy some tap dance moves. See more about Naomi inside and a video inside…

Naomi Campbell is one of the most iconic supermodels of all time, known for her striking looks and runway presence. She rose to prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s, becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion industry.

Naomi Campbell was born on May 22, 1970, in London, England. In 1988, she became the first black model to appear on the cover of French Vogue, a groundbreaking moment in the fashion world.

Campbell’s career extends beyond modeling. She has ventured into acting, singing, and even reality television. Campbell is involved in various charitable endeavors, including her work with Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund and other organizations focused on humanitarian causes. She has had her share of legal troubles, including accusations of assault against her staff and police officers.

However, she has also been involved in activism against violence and discrimination.Throughout her career, Campbell has been celebrated for her sense of style and influence on fashion trends. Despite the transient nature of the fashion industry, Naomi Campbell’s career has endured for decades, a testament to her talent and perseverance.As of my last update in January 2022, Naomi Campbell continues to be a prominent figure in the fashion world and beyond, showcasing her resilience and lasting impact.

Naomi wearing Naomi by Hugo Boss outfit

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