NeNe Leakes Talks Dating In Your 50’s, It’s Hard Being Single!



NeNe has started a new YouTube channel and there she talks about dating, fashion, being on reality shows and so much more! I was intrigued by her latest video where she talks about dating in your 50’s. Lawd, I know about this subject all too well but she sheds light and says it’s different out here now. NeNe, 55, says she has always been a relationship girl and I feel the same way.

She went on to say that dating is going to be tricky for her since she loves relationships and loves, love period. My experience has been pretty much the same and I’ve been in 4 long term relationships. I was married for 20 years, so that’s all I know. Trying to date now is extremely hard for me as well. I will say that I’ve met some nice men, don’t get me wrong. I just didn’t feel that certain connection that I am looking for!

I thought that I had found the love of my life earlier this year with my ex fiancé but sadly, I had to end that because he became ill. I know that I am wife material and I will NOT settle for less, just like NeNe talks about. My therapist said it best, that there are a lot of people walking around out here that are unhealed and broken. They just keep getting into meaningless relationships instead of healing and doing the work.

In NeNe’s video she introduces herself, talks about her life and so much more, I found it very intriguing and thought to share…

Welcome to the Life of Nene Leakes! I will Never shy away from telling you how it is. I am the “Original Housewife” of Atlanta, author, actor, and entrepreneur but I’m also a mom, friend and human being. My life was turned upside down after losing my husband Gregg, now I’m forced to navigate life alone after sharing it with my partner of 27 years. I have taken time to reflect and now look forward to new beginnings. I’m hopeful for what life will bring and welcome you to witness my journey.


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