New Book: ‘Little Professor Skye Favorite Things’

little professor skye favorite things

Congrats goes out to Publisher Munson Steed! He just launched the first in a series of children’s books for African American girls called, Little Professor Skye: Favorite Things. The book was written by Munson and illustrated by Kareem Kenyada. It gives curious young readers a different subject that you don’t normally see little girls read about. Its all about science, technology, mathematics, and engineering and some of Skye’s favorite things, how cute! 

I’m very excited for his new book and as a young girl, I was such an avid reader and loved all sorts of books! You don’t hardly see kids read anymore because of today’s technology but I try to pick up and read a book atleast once a month. I’ve been knowing Munson for a very long time and I’ve featured Skye on my blog a few times as well. Congrats to both of them! To purchase your copy, visit xoxo


Munson and his goddaughter Skye/images by DeWayne Rogers





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