Nordstrom’s Perfume Party!


It all started when a cute lil sales lady by the name of Navia who asked me was I signed up for the perfume party. I was at the counter like,”what do you mean?” She said, you don’t know about it?” I was like no I dont and she proceeded to tell me. She said ,well in a couple of weeks we are going to have a perfume party that is private. It will be held before the store opens, we will have give a ways, food, Make up and skin consultations,hand parraffin treatment and massage,makeup samples and more! I was too excited to come and quickly gave my $10.00 to reserve my place. The 10.00 went towards your purchase too.


Ladies signing in!


All the Nordstrom shoppers!

So this past saturday was the big day. When I walked in,I was greeted by a handsome young man in a suit named Taurin Lyons. He told me to enjoy myself! Come to find out, he was the store manager at Nordstrom, what a warm greeting! He told me he was one of the only few stores that was allowed to have alcohol in the store, I was like… ooh la la! When I came threw the door, there were greeters that signed you in and gave you a glass of Mimosa and a great goody bag!  I’m the type that likes to wait till I get home to go thru my bag, so we will come back to that lol.


Great Mimosa!

After we were all signed in, there were like all these different lines people were forming. I’m going to say it was roughly around 200 women in the store There was a harpist there who did a phenomenal job too.Her name was Julie Albertson. She was playing Coldplay one of my fav groups! The first table I stopped at was the Scent Bracelet Bar. I discovered my scent, which was floral and my color was pink! It was a bracelet and you had to get it sprayed with your fav scent. I loved that and it was my fav color too! lol.


Harpist Julie Albertson


Scent Bar, mine was floral!

They had a masseuse, Esthetician(KC Nelson),Bottle engraver(Denise Tokarz) eyebrow threader and fragrance experts from: Angel,Bulgari,Prada,Marc Jacobs,Vera Wang,Dolce and Gabbana,Juicy Couture,Nannette Lapore,Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, and Eau Mega,Kenzo,Dior,Chanel,Estee Lauder,Laura Mercier,Gucci,Harajuku,Versace and soo many more!


KC hooking up my lashes, Fabulash!

I had a great time meeting alot of women, chatting and watching the demos. I got my bottle of Juicy Couture engraved by Denise and I put, “Talking With Tami” on mine with a lil heart, too fun! KC did my lashes and said, I was Fabulash! I laughed so hard because I always say, Pinktastic! I love me a girly party and cant wait to go back to their next event which will be a Ugg party! If you buy a pair of Uggs, you can get them bedazzled or painted by a professional artist! That sounds like fun and cant wait to go! That event will be Dec 5th from 1-5pm at the Mall of Ga, Nordstrom!

  • Sat December 5, 2009 1-5pm
  • Women’s Shoes on 1
  • Airbrushing or Studding by an Artist while you shop
  • Offer valid on new pairs purchased during the event only.


Denise engraving my Juicy Couture Bottle.


My engraved Juicy Couture bottle!

When I got home I got a chance to peak in my goody bag! It was filled with samples of perfume, lotions, cremes and a votive candle and holder, I loved it all!


Nordstrom goody bag!

I would like to thank Taurin Lyons for allowing me to take pics and to Niki Paolucci for helping me with my perfume and hand cream! You guys are Pinktabulous!





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