One On One With Artist Randy Heart

I love artist, I find them very interesting and creative and wanted you to meet new friend Randy Heart! He owns Parker Cloud! He is an American Artist, entrepreneur and visionary. Born in Portsmouth,Virginia on October 31, 1984 and raised in Macon, Georgia. Randy is the son of parents, both of which served honorably in the United States Navy.

This allowed Heart to see the world at a young age, and reside in Italy, and Puerto Rico where he developed a deep love of Art through a appreciation of rich and vibrant colors he saw everywhere. This early exposure to other cultures and their creative art forms made a indelible impact on Randy’s appreciation of artistic form and expression. See what this talented soul had to say about how he got started, challenges in the art world, his new projects and more! He is such an inspiration and the youth needs him….

Can you tell me about your background and experience as a graphic artist?

My background in art goes back as far as when I was a child drawing on my mothers table. She saw I had talent and help me turn it into a business. I would create and sell shirts for the neighborhood kids and adults. Good times.

What types of projects do you enjoy working on the most? What kind of design work are you passionate about?

I love painting on anything I can get my hands on and for the people to see. I’m most passionate about painting on walls where everyone can see it and connect with it.

 How do you approach the creative process when starting a new design project?

I pray. I personally talk to the wall. I ask God what should I say. It’s a lot of people hurting, lost and confused. I want my art to tend to that pain.

Could you share some examples of your previous work that you’re particularly proud of?

I’m proud of all my work. I feel like I get better with each design. I feel like my walls are scriptures.

How do you stay updated on the latest design trends and techniques?

Online tutorials and video demonstrations is valuable resources for learning techniques.

Can you walk me through your typical workflow, from concept to final design?

I don’t really stay updated on trends like I use to. I stick with what I like. I design and sketch a lot so I stay asking friends what they think about works I create.

How do you handle client feedback and revisions during a project?

I search for a wall. I typically like to find walls that look like nothing is going on. That’s my secret. You gotta take what people ignore and beautify it. We as humans are so consumed by the day we don’t see anything until it has color on it. I clean the wall, the space..flip thru my sketchbook..or sometimes I may come up with a design for that particular wall. Pray, do a rough sketch and lay paint on it.

What software and tools do you use to create your designs?

I use Procreate and Pics Art.

Do you have experience collaborating with other professionals, like developers or marketers, on design projects?

I don’t really collaborate with other Artist. I’m open to it but some Artists are very territorial and others are outgoing. The ones I’ve worked with have been few. I respect their craft and love their passions.

How do you ensure that your designs effectively communicate the intended message or concept?

I try to talk to everybody. A lot of my designs tends to the pain and concerns of people. I pay attention to the times and create based off that. I know it’s working because when people find out that’s it’s me who painted the wall they connect to, they confess and tell and express their gratitude for my artistic efforts. I’m forever in debt for that.

Can you discuss a project where you had to balance creativity with meeting specific client requirements?

I’m meticulous about doing projects for people where I can’t do what I want with it. Erykah Badu says it best, “I’m an Artist and I’m sensitive about my shit” but most of my clients been cool. I had an issue with one wall where they kinda were all over the place with their concepts after we agreed on a design. They were interested in including other artists. Which that’s cool..but everybody don’t love art like you do sometimes..and that’s when things go bad. Especially if they don’t take the craft serious like you. So that kinda got in my nerves.

What do you find most challenging about graphic design, and how do you overcome those challenges?

The only challenge I find most challenging is staying focus. Being of good courage. “Being an artist ain’t for the weak.” The vision I see of myself hasn’t been reached yet. I’m a fighter and I keep going…everything hasn’t gone my way but it has been an amazing story. A lot of ideas I had I’ve been blessed to be able to scratch it off the list, however it’s so much more I’m coming for! I just gotta stay focused and be of good courage!

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