One On One With Author Shekila Rolle

It’s not everyday that you get to meet genuine people. I have been a customer at Wells Fargo Bank since I moved here to Atlanta back in 2005. I would always go through the drive thru window to do my banking and befriended one of the tellers named, Shekila. She would always put a smile on my face and we would chit chat. When I was going through my divorce a few years ago, she could sense something wasn’t right and asked me was I ok.

I broke down in tears right in the drive-thru and she consulted me and gave me words of encouragement. She has always been such a gentle spirit over the years. Recently at the drive-thru she told me that she wrote a new book after her husband’s passing a couple of years ago. I was so excited for her! She said she wrote the book because he inspired her and she was full of gratitude. The book is called, 21 Days Of Radical Gratitude. A Journey of Complete Peace. Funny thing is, I’ve been journaling daily about things that I’m also grateful for! I interviewed her and she talked to me about what made her to want to write the book, pros and cons of being a new author, her own gratitude and so much more! Check out what Skekila had to say inside, be blessed everyone! 

What made you want to write your book 21 Days of Radical Gratitude?

I started writing during a time my life took a detour I never saw coming. After experiencing one of the deepest, most painful potholes in my life I was compelled to write 21 Days of Radical Gratitude. I had made a connection with gratitude and faith in a way that I never had before. I experienced what I like to refer to as the ultimate transformation. There was not another moment to wait or waste! It was the catalyst ~ my purpose made clear; the mission of this book is to inspire and help others thrive in life despite their deepest challenges whatever they might be.

For aspiring author’s out there, what advice can you give them? Pros? Cons?

The key – Just Start. By nature, we are masters of distraction. I would advise setting a weekly goal and work to achieve it. The one thing that I found to be beneficial was journaling, I noticed I often wrote more. It was also a judgment free space to write. I often refer to it as the dump it on paper rule – let it flow. It positions you to capture the moment. The emotion or feeling you may be experiencing at the time. There is no right or wrong direction. Something helpful will come out of it. The first draft will be dreadful. So, ignore the need to be the writer and editor. To keep your mental juices flowing, I suggest reading and listening to songs. It keeps that creative spark within you ignited. There is no time like now to – Place that pen to paper and Get Writing!

The pros are with the advancement in technology, there are many resources to help you along the way. There is low to no overhead costs. Everyone in some form or another is a writer. It does not require a certain background, or level of education. It gives you the opportunity to share your story or experience with an unlimited audience. It is something that can be done without pressure. You can start and stop at any time. So, it gives you the freedom to take a break when you need it. I had to take a few pause moments myself while writing.

The cons that I have experienced as a first-time writer is, not having enough knowledge about self-publishing. So, I would suggest. Research! Research! As a writer there is much competition so finding your own sense of confidence is important. On the writing journey to experience the “imposter syndrome” is highly likely. That is where you begin to question your reason for writing. Your validity as a writer. I found it beneficial to have a mentor during the process. It helped me during the times I felt discouraged or experienced the sense of giving up. While there is an opportunity to make income, success is not guaranteed. 

Have you tried to use social media as a platform to let others know about your new book? 

I am very new to the social media platform when it comes to using it as a marketing resource. I am currently learning the beneficial ways to use it to promote the book. 

How was your book received from family and friends?

The support from family and friends has been overwhelming. I receive daily phone calls, text messages, and emails with so much positive feedback. Many are asking when I am writing my next book. Some have even given me topics on what they would like me to write about. I have been offered some upcoming speaking engagements. I am beyond thankful for each of them. I look forward to this book touching the life of each reader. 

In your own words, what is gratitude to you?

Gratitude is the sacred activation of faith, an act of courage – a choice. Gratitude is the antidote to this mysterious and beautiful journey we call life. It is the intercessor when the detours and potholes of life make their presence. Gratitude is your compass that empowers you to live life courageously – filled with joy and hope.  

Radical Gratitude! Radical Faith! Radical Outcome!


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