One On One With Sylvia Webb, Owner Of ‘Signature Sips By Sylvia Webb’

I’m so excited to share this fabulous news with you today. A dear friend of mine name, Sylvia Webb has been doing so many great things in the community with her non-profit organization 40 Girls and Some Shoes. Now she has launched her very own coffee brand called, Signature Sips By Sylvia Webb I am so proud of her! We go way back too and I will never forget meeting her at a homeless shelter years ago here in Atlanta. We both were speakers at the event and I donated lots of shoes to her organization.

We have been friends ever since and we got to catch up recently and talk about her new coffee brand. Read what Sylvia had to say about challenges she faced when trying to launch her own coffee brand, giving back to her community and more. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, please support her! More inside and stay safe out there everyone!



Tell us why you decided to launch your very own coffee brand, Signature Sips By Sylvia Webb?

It has always been my desire to start some type of business, but charity work was always my passion. So I followed my passion first and founded my non-profit 40GirlsAndSomeShoes.

Three years I began to think about retirement and what other streams of income I would need. So I wrote three things that I could do that would make me happy and I could share with my family and friends. Coffee was number one, followed by wine lol. Travel was number three but I already do that. I love coffee and always have, from the very first sip.

I visit coffee shops all over the world and I’m constantly buying coffee from every country, city and state I visit, why not start my own.

Out of all four flavors of your coffee, which is your favorite and why?

I love all the flavors, I chose them personally. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Paxton Blend. It’s dark, bold, and full. You must be a serious coffee lover to handle it.

I’m sure there were some bumps along the way when starting your own coffee brand. Tell us some of the challenges and how you overcame them?

Honestly, the only obstacle was ME! I doubted myself, feared failure and judgement. Then one day during dinner with a dear friend, we were discussing how Covid19 pandemic was crushing my industry and should it continued, what would I do? What would my future look like? He said, Sylvia you need a product, whatever happened to that coffee idea? You should reconsider it and Just Do It!

That next morning I awoke to his words ringing in my ears; JUST DO IT! I started my research, spoke to a few people in the industry,  went to a Coffee industry event and Just Did It!

Giving back to the community has always been a passion of yours. Where do you find the time, energy and effort to cater to so many people?

Balance. I love what I do for a living, take lots of vacations. I have a tight circle of good friends and a great bond with my family. I am always giving back to my community, which is why I chose to donate a portion of my proceeds from The Signature Gift Blend to charity..Oh yeah, and I avoid toxic anything, people and or situations.

How do you plan on expanding your coffee brand and competing with bigger coffeehouses?

I want to add more blends as I grow. So, I plan to travel to atleast three coffee regions in 2021 in search of THE BEST BEANS. Maybe one day I will have my own little coffee spot who knows.

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