Open Letter To Santa: Christmas Wish List!


Dear Santa, I’m writing this open letter to you because I think that this WHOLE entire year, I have been a really good girl! I have been a loving wife, caring mom and good friend. I have done things and gave away so much and I think that I would like to share with you my Christmas Wish List of things that I would like to have! I know that you are really busy and there is a lot of people out there in the world that need more things than me but if you have any more room in your sleigh to drop me off a few items that I am requesting, I would be so appreciate and I promise to give back even more in 2015! Ok here goes….



Peace and Tranquility throughout the whole world!

A healthy and loving family( I have this now but want more of it)

I am in need of a new vehicle! Nothing fancy, small and cute to ride to many of my never ending events in, that is good on gas because Lord knows I live REALLY far from the city and I burn out the engines because of the miles that I put on them!

Really good friends that care about me and not what I can do for them!

Lots of cash to buy my teens these expensive gadgets and games they want geesh!

New iPhone 6 to keep up with what’s going on in the world plus the camera is really good!

New MacBook Pro so that I can keep my blog running!

Canon EOS 7D SLR Digital Camera to take cool shots with!

Victoria’s Secret gift card, mama needs new pajamas and undies!

The Christian Louboutin Pink Patent Leather/PVC Spike Me 100 Pumps, just because they are so cute and me plus they just went on sale!!!

Calfskin Chanel classic flap bag would be lovely! Wink!

Trip to Paris, France!


Wish me luck guys! Fingers crossed, Merry Christmas to you and are there any things you really want from Santa this year? Chime In! He just may make your dreams come true!



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