Our Sit Down With Beauty And The Beast Stars Audra McDonald & GuGu Mbatha-Raw


Two other amazing and talented women got a chance to sit down and talk with us about their roles in Beauty and the Beast and that was Audra McDonald who plays “Garderobe” and Gugu Mbatha-Raw who plays “Plumette”. Both ladies shared with us how they felt when they got the roles, diversity in the film, their costumes and so much more! Check out what they had to say inside….

Finding out they got the role?

Gugu: I was obsessed with the original animated Beauty and the Beast. It came out when she was eight years old and she had the cassette tape soundtrack which she made her mom play in the car on the way to ballet and tap and modern, every day. “I knew all the words to all the songs,” she laughs. “It is still my favorite Disney movie so I had a very personal connection to it. And when my agent called and said they wanted me to play a part in this I squealed down the phone, so loudly. I think it was probably the biggest reaction to getting a job that I’ve every had. I think that little eight-year-old inside of me was just so excited and it sort of connects you back to growing up with Disney movies. And this cast is just phenomenal.”

Audra: “When I got the call I, I’d known that the movie was being made and I was excited about it. My agent called and he said, ‘so, Beauty and the Beast,’ he’s like, ‘yeah, they’re turning into this, isn’t that great?’ he’s like, ‘yeah, so they want you to be in it.’ I was like, ‘excuse me? That doesn’t make sense. I was like what? Why? But, if Disney calls, I would sell churros at the park for them, you know what I mean? But of course, it’s Disney, you want to be a part of it, so yes, it’s just an automatic yes.”

Diversity with the cast?

Audra: One of the things I loved about Beauty and the Beast is that the director Bill Condon, the director, brought on board such a diverse cast. It’s so important for people of all color to be represented in TV and film, and for kids to see people who look like them. “It wasn’t really something we discussed,” said Mbatha-Raw. “Which is kind of cool in this day and age. I’m sort of thrilled about it!” These stars were amazed to find out that they were among the first interracial kisses to be shown in Disney film. McDonald explains, “We didn’t even think about. You know? Hopefully, we’ll get to a day where no one has to think about it. That’s what we’re aiming for. I’m pleased that Disney recognizes that you’ve got to represent the entire world out there. And that’s what they’re doing.”

The costumes?

GuGu: “I was pleasantly surprised to see that they made her into this sort of flying dove, peacock-like, very dainty creation,”. “In the costume fitting, we played around with the bird theme, and you know I had a big tail feather on one of my costumes, a huge bustle which also worked with the period, and feathers. I had feathers in my hair. We played around with this sort of Marilyn Monroe style wig so it was kind of fun for me to to be blonde which is just so outrageous and audacious.”

Audra: Her wig in particular, played a big role in the costume, and said that if you even pay attention to the Garderobe up at the top, you’ll see her wig. You’ll also see her shoes on the legs of the Garderobe as well.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST opens in theatres everywhere on March 17th, 2017!

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