Patti LaBelle Promises New Music in 2023 And Sings Happy Birthday To Sherri!

Today, talk show host Sherri Shepherd celebrated her birthday with the iconic Patti LaBelle! The legendary R&B singer told Sherri stories from her career and promises new music this year! The icon also gave Sherri a special moment by singing Happy Birthday to her. Watch the full clip below.

Sherri was wearing a ZHIVAGO Salvation Dress, cute! 


Sherri: So, now you got a new tour or music?

Patti LaBelle: For the last 15 or 20 years I haven’t had an R&B album out. So, it’s coming. It’s started. That’s going to happen by the end of this year. New music. And I can’t wait!

Sherri: I can’t wait either, Patti.

Patti LaBelle: [Sings Happy Birthday to Sherri – Watch Clip Below!]


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