Pinktastic Saturday: Kelly Killoren Bensimon & Baiser Rose Candle


Crafting Beauty, the private label fragrance manufacturer behind the French made candles of Harrods, the Ritz Paris and the Fontainebleau Hotel to name a few, is launching a candle collection inspired by reality star Kelly Killoren Bensimon. I had the pleasure of having one of her gift sets sent to me and it smells so Pinkalicious! Makes for a great Pinktastic Saturday! 

Baiser Rose Home Spray and Travel Candle

Francois Damide, founder of Crafting Beauty, takes his turn and creates his own scented candle brand. The first in the collection is Baiser ROSE, inspired by his muse Kelly Killoren Bensimon, who represents the iconic glamorous New York woman and a fashionable hardworking single parent. Francois Damide has known Kelly since her Editor days at Hachette Publications under ELLE ACCESSORIES and always has been impressed by her keen sensibility and feminine style.

Baiser ROSE is made in the pure tradition of French craftsmanship; the scent was created by Grasse’s top Perfumers, using the best ingredients, mixed with a superior vegetal blend wax, with a lead-free pure cotton wick. Those combined elements bring a sophisticated scent and clean burn. The soft-frosted pink glass is “kissed” by an elegant gold decor. The fragrance embodies the purity and refinement of a bouquet combining rose, jasmine, carnation, and lily.

The first candle to be released is Baiser ROSE, inspired by Francois Damide’s longtime friend Kelly Killoren Bensimon who some of us know from The Real Housewives of New York.

Baiser ROSE captures Bensimon’s unique style, which mixes New York sleek with the Hamptons’ laid-back luxury, through notes of rose, lily, carnation, and jasmine. The luxury candle will be crafted in the classic French style and boast a soft perfume created from using the finest ingredients. Crafting Beauty promises that the pure cotton wick and vegetal blend wax will produce a clean burn, releasing layers of delicate aromas from its seven-ounce frosted glass vessel. The candle, which has a burning time of 55 hours, will retail for $65. xoxo

Pinktastic Saturday: Kelly Killoren Bensimon &  Baiser Rose Candle


Lucas Zarebinski Photography.


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