Pinktastic Saturday: Three Generations Of LOVE



I had an amazing time hanging out with my mother for a few days. She was in town to see Dootie graduate from high school and to spend a little bit of quality time. When my mom walked through the door I got a bit teary eyed, no clue why but its been a few months since I have actually seen her in person. We live in two separate states for those of you that are new readers. We talk on the phone here and there but my mom’s schedule is busier than mine believe it or not! She is very active and always on the move lol.

me mom dootie

My daughter Dootie and son Pootie was glad to see grandma and asked her a lot of questions that she didnt seem to mind answering. Mom is pretty blunt like me and you have to be totally prepared for the answers given lol. My daughter got so embarrassed when my mom said she still wears thongs, I almost fell out and the look on Dootie’s face was priceless lol. I can say one thing, my mom has always been on top of the latest trends and stood out in a crowd. Be it with her makeup, outfit or hairdo, she never did like to look like everyone else. I’m still getting use to her face piercing though, lawd! We went to eat a few times, shopped, chatted and bonded over these few days. Dootie said grandma is cooler than me and I only think she said that because she wants a tattoo and I’m not really into that sorta thing. From my last count, I think my mom has about 8 now lol. I really had a great time with her and have vowed to try to go see her a bit more. We are all getting older and life is too precious. Till next time and since this is three generations of women who all love the color pink, it makes for a great Pinktastic Saturday! xoxo

our hands

Mom and Dootie

Mom watching World Star Hip Hop for the first time. She liked all the “twerk” videos lol


Peace Out!

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