Pinktastic Saturday: Toya Wright For ‘Kontrol’ Magazine

Toya Wright

Reality Star Toya Wright is on another reality show called, Marriage Bootcamp. To drum up a buzz around the show she just recently did an interview with Kontrol Magazine where she talks about the new season, her relationship, business ventures and more. Check out a excerpt of what she had to say inside. I also have deets on this sequins two-piece set she wore for her cover shoot too. Makes for a great Pinktastic Saturday

About her Garb Boutique: 

What a Garbie means to me–is a fashionable doll, a classy lady that represents fashion, and beauty. Just a boss!”, says Toya. Moving forward, she aims to expand her business presence online. As far as other cities outside of Atlanta and Louisiana, she is not sure it would be a wise business move. “It’s not really an urban boutique. We have trendy things like the latest fashion. We sell accessories, we sell shoes, I would say the latest fashion trends.

I thought about expanding the location to different cities before, but I mean everybody [has] a boutique now. I still have love for being a boutique owner, and I’m always going to have my New Orleans location and Atlanta location. But, I don’t think I want to take it to different cities anymore. I’d rather just keep it online because we have a nice online presence. My New Orleans boutique is kind of like a tourist stop, so I’ll just keep it there. Boutiques are on every corner now. So, I don’t think that would be a smart business move.” Read more here.

For her cover shoot Toya wore a XO sequins assymetrical jacket and pant set from Sherie L Nevett. Love her look!


Shot by Allen Cooley, Styled by Julian Lark, Hair by Nikk Nelson, and Makeup by Shenelle Mays-Smith

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