Pinky Review: Disney ‘Frozen’

I really enjoyed checking out the new film Disney Frozen! As you know this movie is about two sisters Elsa and Anna. It takes place in a town called, Ardenelle. When they were really young they were inseparable like me and my sister who I call “Fuzz”. That’s the first person I thought about when I started watching this movie! Elsa was the more serious person that protected Anna and kept her out of harms way and my sister, till this day does the same thing lol! I really looked up to my sister when we were younger and she made sure everyone knew that I was her baby sister. 

In the movie, early on you find out that Elsa has magical powers, that can change anything from hot to cold. When Elsa and Anna are young, an accident happens and because of that they grow distant. Years pass and Anna can’t remember what happened but doesn’t understand why her and her sister bond was broken. Anna sets out on a quest to reconnect with Elsa by heading to the Snow Kingdom where she lives. She meets a few friends along the way and well…you just have to see what happens but a few surprises are in store.

My sister’s life has not been an easy one. She has dealt with a lot of bumps in the road. I’m constantly praying for her daily. I’m the protector now. I am the one that looks after her and makes sure she is ok. You just never know in life when roles will reverse and who will have to protect who but one thing for sure, I will always have the bond with my sister, no matter what! She’s my only sister I know and love dearly! This film deals with family, friendship, heartbreak, deceit, joy, love and so much more. My favorite part in the movie was when Elsa sings Let it Go, and she transforms into a woman and doesn’t care what others think about her. Frozen made me tear up and I cheered for a lot of the characters that you will fall in love with. Anna shows everyone that although she is a bit goofy, she just wants to be loved and keep the bond she had with her big sister that she truly loves and looks up to. Disney Frozen in 3D hits theaters today! You have to check it out! xoxo (#DisneyFrozen)



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