Poolside Fun With Baby Legend

How was your weekend everyone? I had a VERY relaxing one! I am watching my grandson Legend while my daughter is in Miami, Florida. Yes, for a full three days I’ve been watching him and she gets back together, yay lol! But he has not been a problem whatsoever he is such a happy baby and loves to stay active. One thing that was fun that we did was head to the pool. They finally reopened our pool and the weather has been great! It was almost 85 degrees on Saturday, so we got a chance to do some pool activities and he loved it! He met some new friends and they shared their pool floats with him. During “Social Distancing” we are only allowed 30 people at the pool and everything is spaced out. Disinfectants are also located at the pool area. We are not allowed any extra guests either. I went to our pool really early too, so that I didn’t have to deal with crowds.

I can tell that Boogy Bear is a people person already and he is extremely sociable. I think it was his first time in an actually pool, so he did not want to get out. We took a few breaks for snacks and to rest but he wanted to get back in right away. He is not afraid of the water either. Both of my kids love the water too and I started their swim lessons while they were both toddlers. My daughter Tyra, loved swimming so much that she joined a swim team. So the baby gets it honest lol. More pics inside, hope you guys are staying safe out there!

Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Water Inflatable Float, Legend’s swim trunks by Moschino¬†



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