Pop Up Pot Luck Hosted By Food & Lifestyle Tv

About last night! Stopped by Food & Lifestyle Pop Up, Pot Luck with some of the most amazing Chefs from Atlanta, it was lit! Everyone brought one of their favorite dish to share or they prepared it right in the studio! Also, I got to meet 22-year-old Chef Jamar Griddine who did his thing during a “live audition” as he prepared one of his fav cuisines from his hometown of Kansas City!

There were plenty of spectators, experienced chefs, influencers, artists and more in the building. All of us are food enthusiasts, so the vibe was crazy! As Chef Jamar prepared his famous chicken stir fry, other local Chefs joined in to help him out and cheer him on, it was so nice to see! It was nothing but good music, good food, good vibes and just a good time had! Check out the images inside and have a great week everyone!

Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food!

22-year-old Chef Jamar Griddine

Chef Jaaion Barnes and Chef Robert Butts lend a hand, so sweet

I was asked by Chef Jamar to cook up the meat, yes!

Chef Jamar is making chicken stir fry

Other local Chefs cheer everyone on, love the unity!

Chef Lambo shrimp dish, Chef Robert Butts BBQ Rib Flanks

Atlanta’s Finest Chefs in the building

Can you tell I had a GREAT time!

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