Porsha Williams Files For Divorce From Simon Guobadia Or Is It Part Of Her Storyline For Atl Housewives?

Well, well, well! I was counting the days until I would see this drama unfold! The good ol’ folks over at Bravo and the shady Producers had to scheme up something for the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! I find this comical that they had this poor lady taint her marriage by announcing today that she has filed for divorce from her Nigerian rich husband Simon Guobadia! They only were married for 15 months, they announced their engagement in 2021, then tied the knot in November 2022 with a few lavish ceremonies.

According to articles online Simon is in a bit of a pickle with Immigrations too because “allegedly” he is here under a fake green card! I don’t want to go into detail about that because it’s too long and drawn out but that’s why I stay clear of foreigners, I can’t take them. And another fun fact about me, I worked for The Department of Immigrations back in the late 90’s(Cleveland, Oh). I did the advance paroles too, go figure lol! Simon, 59 is facing deportation now. If they deported reality star Theresa Guidice ex husband Joe back to Italy, what makes Simon think they won’t do the same to him, lawd!

Another thing I thought about while discussing this situation with my friend. If he is over here with fake identity and documents, then what is his real name? So Porsha married him under an alias??? Lawd, this is a total mess so are they really legally married? Dang, I wouldn’t want to be in that drama, my head hurts even thinking about it!

Anyway, I smell stench in the air, I swear I do! Here is my thoughts and I have worked in the entertainment business well over 20 years now. I remember meeting Porsha back when she was with former NFL Quarterback, Kordell Stewart! She was VERY religious back then if you remember her storyline! She was so sweet and innocent till the vultures got ahold to her! Tv stardom has changed her and so many others! I pray every day for people that get swindled into being on these ratchet tv shows! Is anything sacred anymore? Is everything about a paycheck or getting to the bag? When does it end? More inside…

We ALL know Porsha is headed back to tv land and has signed a lucrative deal with Bravo. Bravo announced a few days ago that Porsha Williams Guobadia will make her highly anticipated return to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for Season 16. She has also entered into an overall scripted talent deal with NBCUniversal Entertainment. Under the terms of the deal, Williams Guobadia will partner exclusively with NBCUniversal Entertainment for scripted project opportunities across the company’s broadcast and streaming properties.

So doesn’t it make sense to all of us out there that can put two and two together, that they planned this whole divorce thing? Atlanta Housewives ratings were terrible last season and this new season, they got rid of a lot of the main characters like Kandi Burruss who was a fan favorite! She has left the building and we don’t know who else got their walking papers but we do know Kenya Moore is returning for sure!

So that’s why I’m saying, I smell foul play that Porsha is actually getting a divorce! Just because someone files for divorce, doesn’t mean that they will actually go ahead with it! HOW many times have we seen that happen lol. Or the I’m going to sue you, yeah right! Then the lawsuit or filing goes away and you never hear anything else about it! It’s also in the housewives contract too that they can’t sue each other lol! WE shall ALL see how this pans out. Till next time!



(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo), Image via Instagram

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