Press rounds in South Florida!

I had such an amazing time while visiting South Florida. The weather was pinktastic and the people were so nice! I do plan on going back to visit real soon. Leslie Harris had prepared for us girls to make some press rounds to promote her Unveil Your Pink event.

Anchor Nathalie Pozo,me,Lisa and Leslie

Anchor Trina Robinson,Lisa and Leslie

Trina,Lisa,Leslie and I on the set!

Meteorologist Ryan Phillips and Lisa

Hottie Ryan and I

Lisa and I hanging out!

Leslie and Lisa

Lisa with signed guitar by Beatles

First we stop at South Florida Today show. This looked all too familiar for me because it reminded me of my days of hanging out at Good Day Atlanta. I met the beautiful anchor Trina Robinson,meteorologist Ryan Phillips and anchor Nathalie Pozo. We had a blast chatting about the event and auction items that would be there. We also went out to party with Trina later on the at night we had so much fun!

DJ Diva,Vanessa James

Lisa,radio personality Vanessa James,and I

Leslie,Vanessa James,Lisa

103.5 The Beat!

Our Barefoot Wine gift baskets

Lisa and Derek Epps

Our wine and champagne baskets from Barefoot Wine

Later on we stopped by 103.5 The Beat which was not too far from the tv station. We met most of the whole staff and it was fun! Radio personality Vanessa James dj’s mid day from 10-3pm and we stayed an hour talking and joking around. We talked about the event, and they asked Lisa about her new season on the housewives. Vanessa and LeToya Stairs had the paparazzi NLPGImages (Dread) come up and take some fun pics,they were fun! They also had a wine rep from Barefoot Wine (Derek Epps) stop by with wine baskets for us! We popped bottles in the studio and the party really began lol.  I loved the Barefoot bubbly rose cuvee!

I would like to thank everyone for your awesome hospitality! We had such a great time and it was really nice meeting all of you!

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