Promo Pics: Married To Medicine Los Angeles Season 2

I just saw this pretty promotional pictures from Season 2 Cast Of Bravo’s Married To Medicine Los Angeles. To be honest, I didn’t even know that this show even existed lol. All the ladies are gorgeous but forgive me for not tuning in or nothing anything about them. Jazmin Johnson, Shanique Drummond, Dr. Kendra Segura, Dr. Imani Walker, Lia Dias, Dr. Britten Cole are back for a new season and juggling friendships and family while saving lives in Los Angeles. I’s just another day in the life of these fabulous doctors and wives. Check out more photos inside, their bios and a video clip of the new season, whoa!

Dr. Kendra Segura

A friend of Dr. Britten’s and new to the L.A. ladies, Dr. Kendra Segura is an OB-GYN, first-time mom and wife to internist, Dr. Hobart. Kendra is a true friend who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. A former star tennis player, she didn’t take the traditional route to become a physician. As a new mom to baby Hart, she currently works one day a week at an outpatient facility in South L.A. near where she grew up. Eager to return to full-time, she struggles to find a balance between her work and home life and her husband’s wish for a traditional household.

Dr. Britten Cole

A no-nonsense Anesthesiologist, Dr. Britten Cole practices one of the highest paid specialties in the medical field. She has two children, Ivy and Mack Jr. with her husband, Mack Major. Now that she has a full-time position, Britten is back in LA with her family in tow, but the cross-country move has put her kids into overdrive and intimacy with her husband to a screeching halt. Before she was an Anesthesiologist, Britten was an officer in the Navy alongside Dr. Contessa Metcalfe(Married to Medicine) who remains one of her best friends to this day.

Dr. Imani Walker The Psychiatrist

With a statuesque five-foot-nine frame, shaved head and steely glare, Dr. Imani Walker is a striking and outspoken psychiatrist who serves as Medical Director of Gateways Hospital & Mental Health Center in LA. Dr. Imani deals with patients who suffer from mental issues, homelessness, schizophrenia and chronic depression. This season, despite her friends’ suspicions that things are really falling apart, Dr. Imani embraces life as a single mom to her son Idris while her husband Phil is out of state building a new business.  When issues spin out of control in Imani’s personal life, she enjoys the stability and satisfaction she gets from her high-pressure career. Imani is normally stoic, but when something happens that strikes a nerve, she is quick to snap back and voice her opinion.

Shanique Drummond

A charming Jamaican goddess, Shanique Drummond is a real estate property manager married to Dr. Robert Drummond, an Urgent Care Physician in Los Angeles. From a traditional Jamaican family, her passion in life is being a supportive wife and devoted mother to her two children.  Shanique is doing her best to juggle it all with her job, kids and husband.  She contemplates switching to a career in luxury real estate but worries how her family will react.

Lia Dias

Assertive and direct, Lia Dias is a friend of Dr. Imani’s who prides herself on the notoriety of being a business entrepreneur and a girl boss rather than embracing the lifestyle of being a typical doctor’s wife. She and her psychiatrist husband, a colleague of Dr. Imani’s, reside in the 90210 with their children Kaylin and Colin and Lia’s daughter from a previous marriage, Kayla. Lia’s focus is on building her brand as she owns a business with three beauty supply storefronts under the name, the Girl Cave LA.  Lia’s biggest struggle is juggling wanting to be a successful businesswoman with being a wife and a mom.

Jazmin Johnson

Born and raised in Inglewood, Jazmin Johnson resides in Beverly Hills with her successful psychiatrist husband and son. Energetic and outgoing, Jazmin believes life is worth enjoying and having fun. After feeling disconnected to the ladies last year, Jazmin is out to prove she’s more than a doctor’s wife by cultivating her concierge business while forging new friendships.

(Photos by: Elisabeth Caren/Bravo)

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