Pums Sweets Pinktastic Birthday Cake

Before my birthday I was acting like a mad lady trying to figure out what kinda cake I wanted this year. I did know for sure that I wanted something really tiny and cute! Pink of course since that is my favorite color in the whole world and it brings me so much joy. I reached out to my baker and friend Alicia/Pums Sweets and started sending her photos of different cakes and designs that I liked. I always give her free rein and tell her to do whatever she wants but I still like to send her different options. I always request yellow or strawberry cake inside, that’s my jam lol.

Then my daughter surprised me and told me that she ordered me a hot pink dress to wear on my birthday, so I sent her a photo of my dress and this is the outcome from that! I absolutely LOVED the Pinkalicious cake and it taste so good! In person, it’s a very tiny but tall cake and feeds about 6 people. It was five layers as well. More photos inside and if you are in need of a cake for any special occasion, make sure you look up culinary pastry chef Alicia, she is the best in the city and makes a variety of themed cakes, cookies and more!

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