Quad Webb Says Lateasha Lunceford Needs Help in the Style Department

My girl Quad stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night! Married to Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly Kimes thought that Quad let fame go to her head and Quad fired back that she thinks the same thing about Heavenly. Heavenly admitted that she needs a little help in the style department along with Dr. Simone Whitmore. Meanwhile, Quad said Lateasha Lunceford, aka Sweet Tea, needs to learn not to leave tags on her clothing.

Reality star Quad was tasked with kindly answering a series of pleasant questions all about newcomer Lateasha Lunceford in a round of Pour the Sweet Tea, but the pitcher got clouded by a little shade! Quad said Lateasha is better suited for Dr. Gregory Lunceford than she was because she’s palatable and easily influenced by him. She also said she thought Sweet Tea’s fashion sense is “jivey” while Dr. Heavenly Kimes thought her clothing choices were homely and old fashioned. Plus, Heavenly and Quad addressed Lateasha saying she enjoys having access to Dr. G’s money.

During the After Show, Dr. Heavenly said if the stripper Dr. Gregory Lunceford invited to his wedding actually attended, she would have asked her if she slept with him that night because he said he wanted to take his pants off during his bachelor party and said they weren’t coming back up. Also, Quad denied Dr. Jackie Walters’ claims that she only cares to see or speak to her friends when it’s convenient for her, explaining that it insinuates that she uses her friends. Quad added that she felt a certain way about her friends hanging out with her ex-husband’s new fiancé Lateasha Lunceford. Ooh chile! see more photos and what Quad had to say inside and her outfit details…

Quad was wearing Cinq A Sept Joel feather and script embellished crepe mini dress, cute!

(Photos by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

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