Reality Shows: Basketball Wives L.A. Season 4

basketball wives l.a. season 4

If there is one reality show that I can’t seem to understand HOW/WHY they keep getting green-lit for another season, its Basketball Wives L.A. I hate this show with a passion and all of the girls are extremely boring and they just get on my nerves! I just got word that they will be returning for season 4 but WHY? I like my reality shows like the next person don’t get me wrong but really, what do they bring to the table except for having babies by ballers, being catty, fighting, throwing lack luster affairs, launching bad hair weave or cheap makeup lines(that go nowhere) then later on getting dressed up for pseudo red carpet events or club walk thrus around town? We have the same thing going on here in Atlanta too but I’m just saying lol.

Then I hear because she needs some extra cash, that Tami Roman has packed up her bags and moved back to Los Angeles to join the cast with three other new cast mates(nobody knows) that I care two poots about! Shaunie O’Neal must have some GREAT relationships in Hollywood or over at Vh1 because I just can’t see how she keeps getting her shows renewed with these BORING cast members and their storylines suck! I must be slow or something but do you guys plan on tuning in to watch this foolery with a bunch of irrelevant folks? Time will tell but if you care, click to see the trailer below. All this “THOTNESS” airs Sunday, July 12th at 9pm on Vh1…sigh! Ok I’m out and back to my cozy bed! xoxo

basketball wives l.a.

Tami Roman

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