Reality Star And Friend Molly Hopkins Talks Boobs On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

You guys already know that Reality Diva Molly Hopkins and I go WAY back! So far as maybe 15 years when she had her reality show called, Double Divas on Lifetime! She then went on to do a popular realty show on TLC called, 90 Day Fiancé. We met a long time ago and have been girlfriends ever since! You have recently seen me in and out of her store and modeling many of her lingerie pieces here on the site! Today Molly and I were on a call talking about life, family and more! She posted a throwback video of her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live from three years ago! I don’t know what I was doing that day but I totally missed it but I thought to share it with you guys today lol!

Actress Brie Larson(Co host for Jimmy) talked to Molly about her obsession with her on the show ’90 Day Fiance,’ Molly then chatted about what went wrong in her marriage, her ex best friend Cynthia and their lingerie company, Livi Rae and her amazing ability to guess a woman’s bra size just by looking at her.

I remember getting my first fitting with Molly and I was wearing the wrong size for sure! I’ve always been busty even when I was much smaller but she told me I wear more of a F cup, that floored me because I just thought I wore a 36 DD. I was so wrong but once she fitted me in my true size, things started looking much better in the boobie department!

The bras in her store located in Kennesaw is the truth and if you have never been there, you have to stop in! So many selections to choose from and the staff is extremely knowledgeable of everything dealing with bras and boobies! The also cater to women that have gone thru breast cancer. Don’t be ashamed either if you have larger breasts, they make custom bras for all sizes! See the video clip inside and if you do make it out to the store, tell her I sent yah!

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