Red Carpet Rundown: ‘Barbie’ Fan Event In Mexico


The cast of the Barbie movie hit the pink carpet in Mexico City today! I see that they are still keeping up with the theme of the movie which includes I whole lot of PINK lol! Ryan went for a soft pastel yellow suit which I loved on him and America always confuses me with wearing black or drab clothing but okay and Margot always is in theme with her designer pink outfits!

This time Margot opted out for a pink leather two-piece look and high heeled Barbie’esque pumps! They all looked really nice and Margot’s stylist really gets the assignment, job well done for this press tour!

Did you know that Margot’s look here is an interpretation from the 1992’s “Earring Magic Barbie!” Wow, this is really cool and the designer was spot on, down to the belt lol! More pics inside and the designer of all their looks…

Ryan in Gucci, Margot in Balmain, America in Alexander McQueen

Barbie and Ken are having the time of their lives in the colorful and seemingly perfect world of Barbie Land. However, when they get a chance to go to the real world, they soon discover the joys and perils of living among humans.

Images via Warner Bros

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