Room at Twelve


Yesterday I had a great time going to lunch with my girlfriend Tisha. I usually drag her along with me to try new restaurants because she has great conversation, plus she likes to eat with me lol. Some of my girlfriends say, um no way because your going to make me fat lol. I remember doing a show at Downtown Atlanta Restaurant week last year and I filmed at Room at Twelve. I was so busy, I really didn’t get a chance to sit down and try the food. Well yesterday I was able to dine in and I had a great time.


The Twelve hotels are popping up everywhere and I love how they have the coolest restaurants attached to them.I love the decor in the restaurant¬†and how you can see the chef prepare the meals. It’s very spacious and the atmosphere is relaxed and swanky. I ordered a salmon burger and Tish had a cheeseburger and salad. I never had a salmon burger but wanted to try something different.


Chef Terry Koval then magically appeared from around the corner and had some cute bites on a plate and told me to try them. He said,” they look like chicken nuggets huh?” I laughed because he always has something funny to say.When we taped the show last year, Chef Terry was so fun to interview and he showed me how to prepare rack of lamb ,fun times! I proceeded to try the crunchy chicken nuggets and they were yummy! I also liked the raisin sauce that was with it as well.


When my salmon burger came out,it looked so pretty!  The presentation was awesome! I was scared to eat it because it looked so nice lol. It was really good and I would recommend that, if you ever stop in! If you live in Atlanta or plan to visit, please stop by the restaurant and tell Chef Terry hello. You cant miss him, he is the one with the big smile and cute hair do!



Thanks to Hannah Huffines for setting this up!

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